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If your organisation issues licences, how about getting smart and using technology to do the work for you?

Purpose-built for licensing specialists, eLine is a secure, online, all-in-one solution that manages the entire process – whether you work from one place or many, sell via agents, or directly to licensees.



  • accepts licence applications on your behalf
  • orders and dispatches licences, whatever form they take
  • gathers, stores and manages licensee information in a centralised database
  • records and reports on licence sales, in real time
  • takes and manages licensee and agent payments.


And because eLine is online, licensees love it too – they can apply for and renew their licences and enter and update their details, whenever and wherever they want to.

What’s in it for you?

Make eLine part of your licensing business and you’ll:

  • save time and reduce costs in processing applications and gathering and managing data – not to mention the savings from not having to set up your own system from scratch
  • make a seamless transition – eLine data can be easily downloaded to your in-house IT systems, including your financial management system for invoicing and reconciliation

  • get total security with username/password access and secure payment and transaction management technology
  • stay up to date with technology – eLine is a “software as a service” solution, so you don’t need to install anything, and need no servers of your own to manage and maintain. The eLine team take care of keeping things current so you don’t have to
  • have full control over who uses eLine and who accesses activity, transaction and other data.

… and the big plus!

You’ll also have a rich supply of accurate data that you can use to improve your service and enrich your licensee relationships – from sending renewal reminders to creating innovative marketing campaigns.

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