eSOMS – ID and Data Management made easy


Managing your team’s personal identity data has just become easier, with eSOMS.

A sophisticated, easy-to-use online solution, eSOMS puts you in charge of your identity data and  utilises the mechanisms your business prefers: printed photo ID cards or electronic equivalents accessed via smartphones and other digital devices.


Via a secure, password-protected connection to your existing system, eSOMS enables you to:

  • transfer ID data and photos directly from your own database to the eSOMS system
  • access or design data templates configured for your organisation, with the flexibility to add, remove and alter the content to suit your changing needs
  • process and produce electronic IDs quickly and easily


  • set up automatic processes that take care of all the ordering and production processes for you
  • update your data and renew photographs whenever you need to
  • set user-specific access rights and responsibilities
  • manage the process 24/7, wherever you are – all you need is an internet connection!
  • place orders for, or create your own, photo ID cards, produce as few or as many as you wish, and track the production process every step of the way

The benefits of the solution

  • control – of your data, the people who access it and the purposes for which it’s used
  • a fast, seamless and secure process that’s available any-time, anywhere

  • zero paperwork and therefore a dramatically reduced risk of errors and duplication
  • savings in costs and resources

  • a lower risk of fraud and inappropriate and unauthorised use.

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