Mobility Parking Permits


Mobility parking permit solution – enabling community participation

The mobility parking permit solution has a vital role in helping people with mobility impairments to get out and about in their communities.

The solution transforms unwieldy, paper-based processes into a seamless, flexible online service – enabling people to apply, renew and pay for permits to park their vehicles in both designated parking spaces and council-managed car parks 100% online.


This software-as-a-service solution:

  • comprises two different but integrated channels to provide those administering the permits with all the functionality they need, and customers with a quick, easy-to-follow decision path
  • available via the customer’s doctor, who after assessing their eligibility provides information confirming the customer’s identity


  • then accessed by the customer, who enters a unique security code, provides more specific details and pays for their permit using internet banking or credit card. The permit application is then automatically sent for printing a Permit card
  • enables the customer to exit the online service at any time and deal directly with the permit administrator instead, either in person or by phone
  • eliminates the requirement for people with long-term disabilities to revisit their GPs for permit renewals.

Mobility parking logoParking Permit Solution Benefits

  • makes it easy for people with mobility impairments to get the services they need
  • centralises and streamlines the permit application and renewal process
  • slashes the paperwork for doctors, customers and administrators

  • cuts administration management costs owing to lower overheads and electronic, instead of manual, processes
  • reduces the risks and costs of entitlement fraud and inappropriate and unauthorised service use

  • simplifies and speeds up data capture by gathering key information in real time
  • protects key data and other information with stringent security systems and processes.

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