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Total Mobility. Totally managed.


The Ridewise Solution is an innovative solution for councils operating ‘Total Mobility’ schemes, which provide taxi-fare discounts to people with mobility impairments.

Packaged as a single, integrated electronic system that connects councils, community organisations and taxi operators.



  • allows councils to maintain accurate, up-to-date records of clients, agencies, taxi operators and taxi drivers
  • ensures that only authorised parties have access to these records
  • captures, in real time, full details of all Total Mobility transactions


  • provides a full suite of reporting services
  • offers online application and assessment forms for Total Mobility clients, as well as alerts for key events such as reassessments
  • enables online invoicing and payment authorisations between councils and taxi operators

Ridewise benefits

  • streamlines the Total Mobility application process, with less paperwork and a dramatically reduced risk of errors and duplication
  • cuts Total Mobility management costs owing to lower overheads and electronic, instead of manual, processes

  • reduces the risks and costs of entitlement fraud and inappropriate and unauthorised service use
  • simplifies and speeds up data capture by gathering key information in real time

  • eliminates the costs of installing new systems by integrating with councils’ invoicing and payment systems
  • protects key data and other information with robust security systems and processes.

Ridewise Clients

NZ Transport Agency
Auckland Transport
Environment Canterbury
Greater Wellington Regional Council

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